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Welcome, and thank you very much for stopping by.  I am R. J. Storm and I have made an attempt to construct a website to let people know we exist and we can be contacted to resolve any questions or discuss bookings and terms.  CONTACT   R.J.Storm:


845-831-1929...let it ring!




The questionable stuff:  

The R. J. Storm and Old School Bluegrass band can furnish sound for ourselves to comfortably address 1200+ people.  If us or you are supplying sound, please know the following:  --The band has a simple footprint of 3 performers around a single mic stand.  The band utilizes 2 mics, the center main large diaphragm mic, an AT-4033, and the smaller guitar mic, an SM-94, both requiring phantom power; moroever, an additional 120VAC power source is required for 2 powered speakers and a small sub-mixer.  For a house sound system, we supply a 1/4" line out furnishing the premixed sound.


Food - We eat anything.  Not crazy about vegan or granola club stuff.  Pete loves gourmet food.  Tony and I...---bring on the pork.....ribs, roasts, chops!

Chinese food is always a hit too.  Cheers!

R.J.Storm and Old School Bluegrass Band